Raising Jenny

I've seen some really cool Jenny Lind bed's popping up (both antique, refinished, and new) and knew I had to have one for my guest bedroom. Of course, for antiques, its not like you can just go make them magically appear...  Definitely not. I could not find one Jenny Lind bed anywhere near me. I also found a really great one on Land of Nod (here), but I couldn't justify spending that much money on something I could eventually find for much cheaper. 

Aren't these beds so cute?

Anyway, I searched local resale stores and Craigslist (cities near and far) for several months. FINALLY one morning I found one! The seller was in a city about 50 minutes from my house. I cancelled my night plans, and begged the seller to hold the bed for me. (I told her the bed would be going to a great loving home! I would take care of her (Jenny)! Overkill for sure but that is typical me). The seller was a nice lady herself and said this bed has been in her family forever.  Long story short, I got the bed.

 It's hard to tell from the picture of this headboard, but it sits pretty low (only 38" high). I am pretty sure that these beds were used (and are still often used) without box springs. I personally prefer HIGH beds.  This one without any changes would just be too low. My box spring/mattress combo would give me about 4 inches of headboard peeking out, which doesn't work for me! So in true form, I set out to make some changes to the bed. I drew this nifty diagram of what I wanted to do.

I also found a random headboard at the local Habitat Re-store that had side posts with the same dimensions so that could use those to extend the height of the headboard.

Then I realized that I have literally no tools or skills to complete such a project and no time to learn how. Luckily, I was able to find someone more skilled with wood and saws to help me out (I hired a handyman). The project is currently under way, and will hopefully be done soon! He spent three hours cutting the wood. He used an "S" shape cut instead of a straight across blunt cut, and the pieces are secured with wood glue and will be screwed together when that dries. 

I can't wait to post pictures of the finished product!


I downloaded a new app on my iPad and just wanted to share how awesome this photo looks! :) The app is called Waterlogue, and it's $2.99 for Apple devices. It looks like a real watercolor! Can't wait to play around with the app a bit. I might get a print of this one and hang it in my office at work.