My coffee table

Bought this brass and glass coffee table from a nearby moving sale this morning. It was supposed to come with an entire set, but I convinced them to sell me this piece separately. I'm pretty excited about it! (My parents are not going to be excited when they have to move all of my furniture purchases home...)
And of course, some inspiration photos below. I think adding some colorful books/magazines and flowers will really bring life to it! 

(all photos found on

Living room inspiration

Can't wait to see my new couches that I ordered.  The picture below is of the swatch of antique charcoal grey that the couch will. be. 

Some pictures that I am using as inspiration as I pick out furniture for the family room: 



(Gluckstein home)


Paint in the kitchen

Paint is on the walls in the kitchen :)
Also got a call yesterday that the family room furniture I ordered is in! They are going to hold it for a few weeks until I can pick it up. 

Bar exam in 11 days!! Yikes. 

Saying goodbye....(to a wood-paneled dishwasher)

Saying goodbye has never been so easy.  

This week, my parents bought a set of stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. They've already repaired the walls in the kitchen, but they still have to paint the entire thing (this color). Also not sure whats happening with those countertops but I'm pretty sure they will not be staying green!! The appliances they got are 1 year old and were a steal of a purchase from an estate sale!

New attic windows

My dad sent me a photo of the house with the new windows installed in the attic and the trim painted down by the porch.  Not a huge change but figured I'd document it. 

Dining room mood board

I just took a little study break to make a mood board for the dining room.  I've never made one before so...its a little shoddy but at least it gives me an idea of how things will look together that I either already own or have purchased!

I already have the black four-seater dining room table that I got a few years ago at the JCP outlet. It is smaller than I'd like it to be, but it is in good condition and will have to do! I have four of the black Ikea stefan chairs (here, $19/ea), that again, are going to have to do for awhile!

I recently bought this chandelier from overstock (here) and a jute rug from for 75% off! I will need to either buy or make the curtains and get some other decor pieces.  Looks good on paper, we will see in a few weeks how it all comes together.

Front door temporary facelift

I have a few photos of the progress that is being made on the front porch. My parents have power washed it, primed and painted the door trim, and added a mailbox, some flowers, temporary blinds, and a wreath. Even with these small changes, it looks a million times better. 



Oh target...!

Just wanted to pop in and say how much I love my target debit card! No fees, but I get 5% off and free shipping online for any purchase. I also got the $5 off a $50 purchase so I ended up saving $40 on a rug today :) And no, Target is not sponsoring this post in any way and has no idea I am even posting this.

As to my purchase, I saw this diamond area rug at the store but they only had it in a 5x7, and the 7x10 was sold out online. I've been checking online daily for 7x10 to come in and it finally did today. Can't decide if I will use it in the living room or dining room...