Before and After: House Painted

This title is a little deceiving. We finished painting the front of the house. We will be working on the sides as time permits. Luckily, the body of the house has a similar light shade, so it is not immediately noticeable that the sides of the house aren't painted. 

The front of the house was painted with one color: Benjamin Moore Victorian Garden. The body of the house was painted at 50% strength, and the top peak of wood siding was painted with 100% strength. 

I absolutely love the color. We were a bit worried it would look super green, but it is a greige-y green and its perfect! Here are a few more photos of the process:

We also hope to add some dark shutters to bring in a little contrast. Possibly black or a very dark charcoal gray. 

All in all, very happy to have this part of the house painted so that more of the focus can be returned to the inside. More details to come :)


  1. Looks great! I'm impressed you painted the house yourself, we are thinking about doing the same thing this coming summer...maybe it won't be such a chore, after all? Keep blogging!

  2. Thanks! Yeah I can't take too much credit for this since my parents are the real DIY'ers but we didn't hire it out. Most of it, if not all, was done with a roller! So you could very possibly do it yourself but we still have 3 sides of the house to finish (dope!). And if I remember correctly doing the front of the house took 1-2 weekends?