Waiting to close on the house

My parents and I have been looking for foreclosures for the past few months--the intention being that they would buy the foreclosure and fix it up, and then I would pay them rent (maybe buy it from them later down the road depending on where life takes me). A few weeks ago, I was perusing on Zillow.com, and I found THE ONE.

I was in the middle of studying for my last set of law school finals, but I called my dad and told him that he needed to check the place out. I called the Realtor for more information, and I liked what I heard.  To my surprise, my parents loved the place as much as I did!! So they put a bid on the HUD home (see bidding procedures here), and we won! So now we wait to close. Needless to say we are all chomping at the bit to get some landscaping done and get inside to fix the place up!

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